The amazing world of stingless bees.


Stingless bees or meliponini is a tribe of indigenous bees found mainly in tropical region of the world. With a highly reduced stylet, stingless bee can render no functional sting, hence its common name 'stingless' bee. 


Worldwide, there are around 500 species of stingless bees, with more new one being discovered. 

Size matter

Compared to the size of common honeybees, stingless bees are largely  very small in size.

Beside having easy access to nectar of small flowers, stingless bees also gets exclusive access to the cleaner and more nutritional nectar found usually at the deeper end of the flowers. 

The Great Escape


With no sting for defence, stingless bee protect its colony by brilliantly nestling it within the hollow of tree trunks, tree branches and crevices. To get in and out of their hive, they built a single entry-exit point entrance.

The Sign

Singless bees are a very particular lot of bees. Differenct species have their own preference for nectar source, resins , nest configuration and that includes architectural design of their hives entrance. To spot and identify a stingless bee's hive, you need more than just a good pair of keen eyes.  We show you why.

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