Exotic, extraordinary, exquisite

A curated range of stingless bee honey to bring a whole new dimension, new interpretation to the name honey.

Meliponini Honey curated range of stingless bee honey offers a truly distinctive honey experience simply like no other honey. Each of our stingless bee honey display personality that is absolutely intriguing and uniquely its own.


Just like a good wine, you appreciate our stingless bee honey for its distinctive color, taste, aroma and perhaps much more. You can only imagine what we meant when you have tried it for yourself.

At Meliponini Honey, we bring the exotic, the extraordinary and the most exquisite of stingless bee honey to embark you into the truly amazing world of stingless bee, the extraordinary honey they crafted and their ecological importance as the primarily pollinators in the tropical ecosystems.


Our range of stingless bee products

  • Pure honey

  • Bee bread

  • Propolis

Where our honey comes from

Our honey originates from forested native terrior, where stingless bees truly call home.  A happy stingless bee in a cleaner home ground abound with native wild floral means you get to taste the most exquisite of wilderness in our stingless bee honey.

Pot by Pot

Our honey is harvested pot by pot by hand. Depending on the plant resin type stingless bee species visited, the texture of honey-pot can range from very sticky to very hard, making for a tricky and laborious harvesting.

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